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The day was still young you were at the registration office near a desk where you ask the registrar clergy about information of the student aide Alfred F. Jones. The clergy searched on files of the computer but there was no slight information available. So the next you did was asking every student, professor and all others you don't know about if they knew about Alfred. All answers were given a no. You have no chance of any one that knew about Alfred.

"I know him!" a voice called.

You've found it. A college student that came forward to you and greeted himself as 'one of his friends'.

 The college student was a guy with long brown ponytail hair that wore glasses had a white lab coat on and brown khakis.

"So do you have any info about what this guy is?" you exclaimed.

"Yeah, follow me to our computer room. None of the colleagues have any information of Alfred. It's top secret." The guy replied.

"Top secret? Is this guy some weirdo from outer space??" you surname in question.

"No. Just come with me."

You followed the student all the way into the computer lab room where there were other lab students group together chatting amongst each other.

The student introduced, "Greetings commerades! I bring you a new guest! Our friend! You are.....?"

"________. Just_________." You blandly cheered.

"Hello ________!" All the students glee.

"Yeah, yeah, hello, so what is Alfred your friend doing stalking me or others even I do not known the guy before and what is up with giving me this phone number??"

The students looked at each other.

"Well, Alfred is no stalker. He is nick name Mr. America! He is so obsessed about American history! He is a student aide just like everyone else and besides he have been here since the school had open its doors."

"Wai-What??How long has the school been here?"

"Around somewhat over two hundered years. Pretty amazing if you ask me."

"That's impossible! How could a being be around for so long? I mean seriously the guy could've been dead. It's undetermined that students lived forever here. Well then this explains about it."

 "And now you've discovered his true secret identity!"

"Please no more super Alfred. He is a complete coward even I wrote a report that offeneded him."

All the student jumped out of their seats,"DON'T SAY THAT HE IS A COWARD! HE IS A HUMAN BEING!"

"Like I said, Alfred is weird. So do you guys know about his birthday?"

"July 04,"


"We don't know He never tells us about anything. He keeps this a secret."

"So Alfred is immortal after all this guy goes surviving for the day."


"Hey guys, thanks for the small talk. I go to go. I have a evening date with Alfred."

"Lucky him. Take care______!"

You left the lab room as you shut the door.

Your thought was How could Alfred live forever even he is still like a hero.


Later in the evening, you were leaving the dormitory building after a long day at the college, you were going out to do something fun and yet you always look for adventure outside these walls. You were going to a local club where you went to party after a day of study at college, a glimpse of a memorable face caught your attention while you were at the dance floor. Was that Alfred??? You thought you were being stalked by him. How can it be? It must be your imagination or yet someone else who is close to Alfred's appearance yet the stranger smiled just like his cheerful expression. You left the club immediately after you went passed the door you stumbled around the corner and crashed into two unknown strangers.  Both of them looked completely creepy.

"Hey baby." One spoke.

"You single?" The other blurted.

"E-e-u-h.....U-ummmmm......." You stoked as you stood back away from them.

"We want to have some fun..." The one said as he was forwarding.

You then begin to turn and dashed off around the corner.

"H-HEY! GET BACK HERE!!!" Both of the men said as they started to chase you.

Fast steps you peddled hard on your feet you plea yet no one care to help. You darted to the alley way pushing the trashcans behind distracting the two men's path of your runaway. you were halted at the end of your trail. You  searched around to see if their a possible but there was no escape. You peered over your shoulder as the two men stood behind.

 "Heh. Heh. You can't get away now this time." The one said as he clenched his fist.

The fear set in your eyes as your scream a shadow human figure out of nowhere jumped in front of you shielding away the men as they backed off.

"You shouldn't prey on the other's unless you are preyed." The figure spoke that sounded like the same voice the night before.

'Alfred,?' Your mind turned but you saw no appearance of the figure as it start to battle.

You watch as the men were beaten by the figure who then next tossed them aside to the garbage cans.

The figure turned around towards you showing those blue eyes with no face.

"Are you alright?" The figure asked.

"W-WHO ARE YOU?!?! YOU ARE YOU THE ONE?!?!No......" You fumbled," Your that guy. The creeper that doesn't........."

"I am someone who you believe that heroes not exist."

Your mind scrambled as you fainted everything went black then a sound of noise blared.

The alarm clock went off as your eyes open and flung up from bed. You were at your room in the early morning. Was it a dream? Was it real? You had no clue on how or what occurred.

A knocking sound was coming from the door you got out of bed dressed in your pajamas  you walked up to the door and open.

"Good Morning!" Alfred sang as he looked at you were surprised he wore his regular clothes." I dropped by to return your history book you left at the library!"

"Alfred, weren't you here yesterday?" You asked.

 "Um..I don't know. I came back here to say sorry about that day. I didn't know who you are but now I thought we could be friends." said Alfred as he hand to book back as you collect.

"Uh, thanks," You bluntly said," Say Alfred, why were assisted to me? I didn't ask or assigned a student aide for the report. I'm fine about the report it's just I am stubborn sometimes."

"Well to be honest, I had interest with your report but the question I wanted to ask, Why did you choose to write that title? It's pretty cruel to the world on how you think of others the way you are." Alfred said as he gazed into your eyes.

The look on your face that showed of shock you implied," It's funny that you remind me."

"Heh,"Alfred smirked," I didn't get your name."

"It's _________. I'm a college student at this academy. This report is just how I observe in the real world. It's just as a real world person would see everyday from the first time you walk to the first time we meet. I'm just not in the mood about the real world. It's just like I left myself from others that I don't know and yet you came."

"How can you say that? Being leaving yourself out from reality? Come on! Life isn't that bad! Besides I'm pretty famous around here!"

"Like how?" You asked.

"I'm the hero that's how!" Alfred shouted as he pulled a small tab of paper and pen writing down. "Here's my number. I want to ask you out but you were shy. I'm fine with shy students. I have a awesome place that my colleagues and I are throwing a party. Please come!"

Alfred smiled as he gave the small paper to you," Well, I gotta get going! See You later!"

Alfred dashed away as you see him cheer across the hallway.

You peered down the paper.

It said 704-1776.

Awkward. Why would he do that after you barley known the guy? Was he wanting attention? You closed the door as you prepared for the day.



United States
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Hi everybody! it's good to be back but for other stoff for a reason this site is getting a major makeover! All of my files will be over to previous works folder. So now later i'm going to post some new stuff. YAY! :D
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